Reinventing the way you withdraw cash today


  • Easy access to your cash - anytime, anywhere
  • Avoid your trips to the ATM, get cash from a shop near you
  • Withdraw cash while you shop

Shop owner

  • Earn by handing out cash from your cash-register
  • Avoid frequent trips to the bank to deposit cash
  • More footfall, more revenue
SONECT will allow merchants to act as ATMs where you can withdraw cash. It can be your
                              local supermarket, the kiosk or the bakery around the corner. SONECT will help in reducing
                              the dependency on physical ATMs, and you can get access to your cash at a merchant close
                              to you.
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About Us

Automated Teller Machines or ATMs (as we know it) are the most widely & frequently used touchpoints of a bank. In spite of the presence of several alternatives, cash still rules the roost when it comes to popularity & familiarity. Even in the handful of countries with the widest ATM network, the ratio of ATMs to users is just 1:1000. Elsewhere in the world, this ratio deteriorates sharply. Even as the number of users keep growing, financial institutions across the globe are shying away from installing new ATMs due to the huge installation & maintenance costs.

With SONECT, we aim to cover this widening gap. We believe banking services, especially, cash withdrawals need to be made more personal & convenient. Cash should be available readily, when you need it & where you need it. Irrespective of where you live or where you are travelling, SONECT aims to provide a cash access point at every corner. With the help of newer technologies such as blockchain, and open banking API which will soon be mandated by the 2nd Payment Services Directive (PSD2), we at SONECT, a like - minded bunch of technology specialists & banking veterans, are now on a mission to reinvent how you withdraw cash, pay and interact with your bank today.

Our Team

Sandipan Chakraborty
Sandipan Chakraborty
CEO / Co-Founder

12 years banking veteran, Credit Suisse
Payments, interbank com., regulations

Sebastian Bürgel
Sebastian Bürgel
CTO / Co-Founder

Postdoctoral fellow, ETH Zurich
Emerging technologies, Blockchain

Shardul Prabhu
Shardul Prabhu
Head Mobile Development

Lead mobile developer, Credit Suisse
Digital banking transformation

Prashanth Balasubramanian
Prashanth Balasubramanian
Software Engineer

MSc Computer Science, ETH Zurich
Artificial Intelligence

Arindam Bajpayee
Arindam Bajpayee
Senior Software Engineer

Technical Lead, Credit Suisse
Technology specialist for 10 years

Board of Advisors

Fritz Thomas (Itzi) Klein
Fritz Thomas (Itzi) Klein

Former CEO - FIDES Treasury Services
Chairman - CLS Holding
Exec. board member - SIX
Board member - SWIFT
Managing director - Credit Suisse

Olaf Ransome
Olaf Ransome

30 year banking veteran
Founder 3C Advisory Ltd.
Adjunct Faculty Imarticus Learning

Mary Antenen
Mary Antenen

Advisory Board - Touchstone Ventures
CFO - Falcon Private Bank Ltd
Board of Directors - AIG
Head, Financial Control - Goldman Sachs

Dr. Martin Hess
Dr. Martin Hess

Partner - Wenger & Vieli AG
Formerly Legal Counsel - SNB
Author - Legal aspects on payments

Dario Duran
Dario Duran

Founder - TepoTec Mavins
Swiss Bitcoin Association
Entrepreneur - Mobile Internet
Telecoms CorpFin - UBS